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DMEX-09 & DMEX-10 Lucky Draw

To commemorate our website's 1st Anniversary as well as the release of DMEX-09 and DMEX-10, we will be hosting a lucky draw to commemorate this occasion. 


Accumulate a total purchase of $100 or more on Duel Masters singles (non-DMEX-09/DMEX-10) in the entire month of April 2020 or purchase at least $50 worth of DMEX-09 / DMEX-10 products to automatically qualify for the lucky draw.


Registration - 1 Apr 2020 to 30 Apr 2020
Result - 4 May 2020

- DMGP2nd Romanesk Playmat
- DMGP5th Ballom Playmat
- DMGP9th Van Beethoven Playmat
- DMGP8th Maltnext Sleeves
- DMGP9th Van Beethoven Sleeves
- DM15 Anni Bolmeteus White Dragon Sleeves
DM15 Anni 5000GT Sleeves
- DM15 Anni Creatures Assemble NEXT!! Sleeves


Terms & Condition:

- Each account is only allowed up to 2 lucky draw chances. The same entry criteria can only be fulfilled once.
(For e.g, buying $50 worth of DMEX-09 products twice will only give you 1 entry into the lucky draw, however buying $50 worth of DMEX-09 products and accumulating $100 worth of singles purchase throughout April will give you 2 lucky draw chances)

- Each participant is only allowed to win 1 item regardless of the number of chances they have.

- Order must be submitted and paid for between 1 Apr 2020 to 30 Apr 2020 for it to be eligible for entry. 

- Winners of the lucky draw will be informed by email on their prize on 4 May 2020.

- For overseas customers, prizes will be mailed to the shipping address used for your latest purchase with us.

- For local customers, prizes can be mailed or picked up at our shop.

- All shipping costs will be borne by us.


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