Dear Customers,

Due to rising shipping costs and taxes, we will be regrettably making slight changes to our free shipping policy for single cards.
While we will still be able to provide free shipping for orders containing only single cards and above $200 in value, we will not be able to continue providing express shipping for the orders and will only be able to provide standard shipping. The estimated delivery time for standard shipping is between 5-14 working days.

There are no changes to our newly implemented free shipping policy with regards to sealed products and there will also not be any changes to the requirements and process for free shipping for single cards otherwise.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Dear Customers,
We have expanded our free shipping policy to include sealed products as well as singles beginning today.
Any orders above $250 (after discounts) will be eligible for free shipping regardless of the shopping cart content. The Free Shipping delivery option will be available when choosing the shipping method during checkout.
Free shipping for orders containing singles remain the same at $200 and orders that are eligible for free shipping above $200 and below $250 will have the shipping fee refunded retroactively. 
Dear Customers,

Please take note that there will be a change in the implementation of free express shipping for card orders above $200.
Before today, you will be able to choose the free shipping when checking out with an order containing only single cards totaling $200 or higher. 

After this change, we will be processing the free shipping option manually by doing a refund for the shipping fees paid back to the payment method used to check out if your order qualifies for it.
The criteria to be eligible for free shipping are:
1) The order must be worth $200 or above before shipping costs and after discounts are added.
2) The order must only contain single cards or sleeves and no sealed products.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Dear Customers,
We have been providing free express shipping for card orders above $200 since 2 December 2019 in order to allow international customers to save on shipping. Unfortunately due to international issues, fuel prices has increased drastically over the year and shipping costs has increased by over 20% for us this year.
Regrettably, it is no longer economically feasible for us to provide free express shipping for orders over $200 as shipping costs can sometimes be as much as 25% of the order value.
We are still committed to providing cost savings for our international customers, hence please take note of the following changes:
1) We will still be offering free shipping on orders above $200 as long as the order contains only single cards. HOWEVER, these orders will be sent by registered mail instead.
2) We will be subsidizing shipping for orders above $200 for customers who would like to use Express shipping service. Express shipping for orders above $200 will only cost $12 as long as the order contains only single cards.
The changes to our shipping policy will come into effect immediately, however any orders made prior to this announcement will not be affected by the changes. There are no changes to our shipping policies for orders below $200, or for orders made domestically.



Dear customers,

We will be having a month long Christmas sale until 31 December 2359hr.
There will be up to 40% off on selected products!
Customers can also use the following discount codes on checkout for further savings:
FREESHIPPING - Free shipping on orders above $500 (Including sealed products)
10OFFALL - 10% off the total order
12OFFDM - 12% off Duel Masters Singles
12OFFBS - 12% off Battle Spirits Singles
12OFFDTCG - 12% off Digimon TCG Singles
12OFFZX - 12% off Z/X singles
*Do take note that each discount code can only be used once per customer.
*Discounted orders will not be able to earn store credit or use store credit but it will count towards membership status.



Dear customers, in line with the revised safe distancing measures beginning 10 Aug, there will be changes to our play area policies.

- Customers are now allowed to use the play area in groups of up to 4 people, however there should still not be any intermingling between different groups. 

- In order to better manage the playing area, reservation will now be required to use the play area. Customers can reserve timeslots ahead of time using the link below:
Seating Reservation – Cardboard Collectible

- Each time slot is applicable for up to 4 players for 1 hour. To use the play area for more than an hour, please book multiple consecutive time slots.

- Seating prices remain the same at $1/person per time slot.

- We reserve the right to refuse any usage of play area for walk-in customers as we deem fit.



Dear customers, as part of our continuous effort to improve our services, we have changed the checkout interface such that you will now be able to select shipping or local pickup from the cart page.

Customers will also be able to select the date and time of their pickup so that we can prepare your order ahead of arrival.

This means there will be lesser waiting time for our local customers as we will be able to manage orders better by prioritising based on pickup time.




Dear customers, pickup is now available at our Chinatown shop. You will now be able to choose pickup location when choosing the shipping option.

Do take note that orders will take 1 day to prepare depending on the availability of the stock at the different branches so please wait for the shipping notification before coming down to collect your order.



Dear customers, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the checkout not displaying DHL Express shipping method.

We are trying currently trying to fix the issue and hopefully will be able to resolve it within the next few days. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding.

Edit 03/06/2021

Dear customers, the issue has been resolved and you will now be able to choose DHL Express shipping using the Express Worldwide shipping option.



11.11 Promotion

All orders made between during 11/11/2020 will be entitled to an additional 10% rebate in store credit of the order value.
The store credit will be given on top of the standard membership credits.

For example, when buying single cards:

New member: 1% (standard rebate) + 10% (11.11 promotion) = 11% of the order in store credit

VIP member: 10% (standard rebate) + 10% (11.11 promotion) = 20% of the order in store credit

Terms and Condition:

  • Store credits have no expiry date and can be used for any subsequent purchase
  • Only orders made between 0000hr to 2359hr GMT+8 of 11/11/2020 are eligible for the promotion
  • Store credit will be displayed in account page once the payment for the order has been confirmed
  • A Cardboard Collectible account is required to access and utilise shop credit
  • Store credit issued will be based on the order total excluding shipping cost and after the deduction of any credit usage.



Dear customers, we are glad to inform you that we have expanded our free shipping upgrade service to cover a wider range of orders.

Previously, card singles orders above $150 SGD will be entitled to a free automatic shipping upgrade from registered mail to DHL Express, while card singles orders above $200 will be entitled to free shipping by DHL Express.

As we strive to provide a better shopping experience, thanks to the overwhelming support we have been given during this difficult times, we will be expanding our COVID shipping relief thus:

- Card singles orders between $100-$170 will be upgraded from registered mail to DHL Packet Plus automatically.
      Benefits of DHL Packet Plus

  • Full compensation up to the declared value in the event of loss item
  • Better tracking
  • Safer shipment 

- Card singles orders above $170 will be upgraded from registered mail to DHL Express automatically 
      Benefits of DHL Express

  • Full compensation up to the declared value in the event of loss item
  • Turnaround date of 2-5 working days.

Which orders are eligible for the upgrade:

- For orders above $100:

  • Choose registered mail as shipping method
  • Order should only consist of card singles 


As part of our continuous effort to provide a better user experience, we have added the following features:

 - Inventory levels in product overview
 - Inventory status on search results
 - Add to cart button in product overview

We were made aware of the fact that the add to cart button in product overview does not work, we are currently fixing the issue, customers are encouraged to still use the add to cart button on the individual product pages for the time being.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 



We have received feedback from many of our overseas customers that their orders have gone missing / were heavily delayed during international transit due to Covid-19.

In order to safeguard the interest of our customers, single orders above $150 will be automatically upgraded to express shipping with no extra charge. Customers will only need to choose the registered mail shipping method or the free shipping method for single orders above $200. The express shipping will be implemented automatically.

For customers who would like to make special arrangements in regards to customs declaration, you may do so by writing a remark during check out.



Due the new measures for COVID-19 in Singapore, our shop front will be closed temporarily from 07/04/2020 to 04/05/2020 (tentatively). Please take note that local pickup service will be suspended in the meantime.

However all orders can still be processed by mail and all overseas/local orders sent by mail can still be processed normally.



Due to popular request, we will be implementing a newsletter system which will update all our newsletter subscribers on all of our new restock starting from April 2020. The new items will also be posted here on our blog page as well.



We will not be accepting PayPal as a payment option henceforth due to differences in refund policy, however we will continue to accept most major credit card and digital money.

Customers that experience problems with their order can email us at for assistance.

Please find out more about our refund policy here:



Due to increase in Singpost postage rates, there will be an unfortunate increase in the shipping fees of single cards from $3 to $4. However, as part of our focus to allow customers to buy cards without worrying about extra costs, we will be introducing FREE shipping for purchases above $200 (only applicable for single cards purchase). For more information, please visit our FAQ page here.

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