Battle Spirits - Fairy Deck

Cardboard Collectible

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Battle Spirits - Fairy Deck

- Contains 40 cards as shown in the picture

- Sleeves provided with the deck

- Cards may have been used for playing and may not be in perfect condition (individual card condition has been taken into account for in the price stated)

Deck List:
2x Primrose Field
2x Clover Field
2x Lilium Field
2x Belladonna Field
2x The CharisSpiritWand Butterfly-Effect
2x The SeventhCutestGeneral Yatagarasu Magoichi
3x Flower Dance Draw
2x Nerine Field
3x Zephyranthes Field
3x Gardenia Field
3x Iris Field
3x The Grandwalker Aphrodite
3x Godseeker GrandflowerFairy Primula
3x The GrandflowerWitchFairy Gardenia
3x The GrandflowerFairy Azalea
2x The GrandflowerSpiritPrincess Dahlia-Moonwaltz

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